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We <3 Alphonse

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Fans of Alphonse Elric
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This is a fan community for Alphonse Elric, the awesomely cute little boy trapped in big, intimidating armor. <3

lady_agrias has handed over the Fuhrership modding of this community to mjules. And thus the torch has been passed on to azure15.


× Try to use decent grammar and spelling. The odd slip up is fine, just not entire posts in chat speak or 1337.
× No character or pairing bashing. Voicing your opinion is fine, just don’t let it descend into petty whining. We’re all here for the same reason, after all.
× Respect the other members of the community. If you have a bone to pick with someone, do it privately.
× ♥ Alphonse. It’s in the title.
× Advertising is allowed as long as it’s for another FMA related community or website.
× Please keep all spoilers under a cut. Just because the anime ended a while ago doesn’t mean that everyone has seen it. The same goes especially for the manga, since that’s still very much ongoing. If you’re not sure whether it counts as a spoiler or not, just be on the safe side and cut it anyway.
× Similarly, please post large or multiple images underneath a cut to help out those with slower internet connections.
× Try to keep on topic, and keep your posts mostly Alphonse related. If you want to post about something more general, than try a community like fm_alchemist.
× Have fun! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact azure15.



Affiliated with;

× fmadesignawards


× elricest - Ed/Al
× alxmartel - Al/Martel
× lilbrotherotp - Roy/Al
× alxwinry - Al/Winry
× fmaxskeletons - alter! Ed/Al
× alphonsexanyone - pimp!Al
× scaral - Scar/Al
× greed_x_al Greed/Al

General FMA

× brotherselric - Elric brothers, non incest.
× fm_alchemist - All things FMA
× fma_het - FMA het
× fma_yaoi - FMA yaoi
× fma_icons - FMA icons
× fma_fiction - FMA fanfiction
× fma_rare - Rare FMA ships.
× fmadesignawards - FMA Design Awards.

If you want your community added here, just ask!~

fan things

Alphonse Elric [Hagaren]

Alphonse is pure love ♥ !

Alphonse as Edward is Obsessive Love.

Alphonse is adorable love

Userinfo: rangan_ryu @ sakusei

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