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Movie! Al comic + Random Al Sketches!

Hello! ^w^ I come to share a Movie! Al comic and some random Al sketches I drew. XD Both are behind seperate cuts, one that cuts to the comic (the sketches being below the comic), and the other cuts straight to the sketches. Enjoy!

Title of Comic: The Soul Alchemist
Genre: Humor
Rating: G
Characters: Alphonse and Edward Elric
Warning: A little spoiler about Al's alchemy gloves in the movie, the comic might make a little more sense if you've watched the movie.

Just in case it's a bit unclear, the thing Ed is asking Al to transfer his soul into is a Cymbal-playing Monkey Toy". XD

From left to right on top, a chibi movie!Al with a cat, Ed and Al in loincloths (XD; ), little baby Al.

The middle: I don't always draw Armor! Al, so I gave it a shot here. XD;

Left to right, bottom. Movie!Al telling Ed something he's doing is not a good idea. XD And finally, Ed hears a meow from Armor!Al's stomach....XD

That's all! ^_^

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