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FMA Fan-Fiction + Fan Art: "Threads of Time" ~ Chapter 10 + ART

FMA Fan-Fiction + Fan Art: "Threads of Time" ~ Chapter 10 + ART

(P.S.: Additional art/images/goodies are linked at the end of the chapter!)

Premise: FMA Divergent AU where, among other things, it was Ed that ended up bound to a suit of armor by his brother, Alphonse, when their attempt to resurrect their mother recoiled and went horribly wrong. Their lives have been forever changed since that fateful night.

This story picks up three years later: approximately two years after Alphonse Elric became the State-Certified "Full-Metal Alchemist," making the brothers 13 and 14 (Though the current chapter is in "Flashback" mode).

Characters: Armor!Ed, Automail!Al, and many more to come!
Rating: PG
Pairings: None
Genre: AU, humor, angst
Spoilers: None (Due to the degree of AU-nature)
Length of this Chapter: 6,155
crazyloststar is my Beta-Muse

Chapter 1 : Chapter 2 : Chapter 3 : Chapter 4 : Chapter 5 : Chapter 6 : Chapter 7 : Chapter 8 : Chapter 9 : Chapter 10

"... But he still wanted to just step outside, so deeply, so desperately, that he pushed himself on, even when Ed finally expressed his own sibling concern. Al was quick to notice, however, that Ed wasn’t even trying to be persuasive so much as to simply let Al know that they should be careful.

And that Winry was going to kill them if she found out ..."

FMA Fan-Fiction + Fan Art: "Threads of Time" ~ Chapter 10 + ART
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